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Exodus Angel

Departing Agents

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Welcome to exodus_angel, a livejournal totally dedicated to "Alias" and evem "Lost".

The head mod for this journal is bubbly47. As well as your co-mod's bloodyserb and spongy_monkey

This communtiy was created by bubbly47 so that all you "Alias" and "Lost" fans out there could have some place to call home.

1. Try and get ALL post to contain icons, or a request for a specific one. Multi-fandom posts allowed, but try and have "ALIAS" and "LOST" icons somewhere! :)

2. If a post contains more than 3 icons, put the rest behind an lj-cut.

3. If any post contains spoilers, please put them behind a lj cut with advanced warning! (That would totally not be fare to others, for those who want to stay spoiler free, don't look)

4. Don't bash any of the actors, characters or the show, because they are two awesome shows that don't deserve it!!!

5. CREDIT the maker of all icons you take, and comments are always appreciated! :)

6. If you would like to add other stuff, and i mean anything that has to do with "Alias" or "Lost", feel free to do so(just make sure it's appropriate)

7. Let us thank Mr. J.J. Abrams for creating such wonderful masterpieces.

8. Be creative. Let your imagination run wild.

9. If you guys find something out please do tell me, but put it behind a cut just incase its a spoiler.

10. Have fun!!! Enjoy this community you guys!!!! "Alias" and "Lost" are two absolutely fantastic shows that should be praised.